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Due Diligence - FAQ

May not cover factors relevant to a particular situation or circumstance.

Question Response
Is it possible to identify information on any natural person or legal entity? Show
Must due diligence be undertaken in all cases? Show
Will due diligence guarantee the integrity of a relationship or business transaction? Show
What are third party relationship risks and why are they a source of red-flag? Show
Is it possible to obtain a copy of someone else's criminal record in the U.K.? Show
How long does it take to research an individual or a company? Show
What common errors or red-flags are found when validating someone's CV or personal credentials? Show
How is my personal data used if I authorise research as part of pre-employment screening? Show
Where is information sourced as part of investigatory or due diligence research? Show
Is a register available with Source of Wealth information for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)? Show

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